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December 19th 2014
We hope everyone is having a good holiday season, and just wanted to invite you to visit our new website/webshop at and get 1/3 off everything, including new releases and bundles, until January 5th. SoundSpice is also having the 1/3 off holiday sale @

September 24th 2014
Bio-Mechanic Beats 3 has been added to the webshop, check out the demo mp3 and free try-before-you-buy pack.

August 29th 2014
Big news, we have launched our brand new website and WebShop with shopping cart and discount coupon capability at We have also opened up an official SoundSpice website and shop as mentioned in the previous post at And a special website just for the synth patches at Lastly, Bio-Mechanic Beats 3 is now available in the new webshop at Check the news release article about BMB3 at for more details and a coupon code to save 25% off ALL purchases through September 3rd at the new Perimeter site. We hope to see you all there. 🙂

August 8th 2014
We are very happy to announce that the SoundSpice website is now online. Use the checkout code GRAND and get a 40% discount off of your purchase in the new and improved Webshop through Sunday August 10th !

July 25th 2014
Another new megafreebee pack is out now, this time it has samples from ALL 3 of the ‘Kunundrum’ loop collections. Find it here for free with any purchase at Producer Loops.

July 14th 2014
We’ve released a new megafreebee pack featuring samples from ALL 3 of the ‘Abstract World Fusion’ loop collections. Grab it (just scroll down the linked page, it’s near the bottom with the blue/silver Perimeter logo graphic) at Perimeter Sound on Producer Loops

July 2nd 2014
The ‘Abstract World Fusion Bundle’ collection is available in our webshop now. Get all 3 volumes of these acclaimed world/ethnic/synthetic loop sample sets for a discounted price.

June 5th 2014
Soundspice is back after a slight hiatus with Dark Speed DnB Vol 2 Non-stop moods, and relentless rhythms galore. Stop by and hear the demo while you grab the freebee try-before-you-buy loop sample pack.

April 29th 2014
Fresh out of the oven, it’s the 2nd volume of the 2nd trilogy in the series Ambient Glitch Vol 5 Be sure to check out the white hot demo from friend of Perimeter – Torben Hansen

April 8th 2014
Wireless 2 is released. 100 speaker melting new sounds, check it out in the webshop, and grab a dozen totally obligation/email free patches off the Tradebit product page to try-before-you-buy. Also available on Producer Loops now.

February 6th 2014
Perimeter Sound is proud to announce the release of Vol 3 of the renowned “Abstract World Fusion” loop sample series. Check the webshop for more details on this great new collection of ethnic & synthetic sounds.

December 10th 2013
Just released today it’s Vol 4-5-6 Experimental Dubstep Bundle 2 And it’s on sale until January 5th !

November 21st 2013
Our early X-mas sale starts tomorrow at Perimeter Sound’s PL Webshop Get 30% off ALL products through December 1st !

October 15th 2013
You know it, you love it, Producer Loops has released the grand finale Experimental Dubstep Vol 6 This final collection in the series is ready to go, check out the demo and feel it.

September 23rd 2013
We are happy to announce the 3rd volume of the Kunundrum loop sample set is completed and available in our webshop. Click the (middle) Webshop link, and scroll down a ways. And of course, there is a demo-restriction-free freebee pack to try before you buy.

August 27th 2013
Producer Loops has released the World Tek Bundle Get all 3 volumes, over 2 gigs of material, for a new lower discounted bundle price.

August 15th 2013
Don’t miss the summer sale on all Perimeter products including the bundles, going on at Producer Loops as of now. Buy 2 get one 1 free, or as they say “Buy 3 and get the cheapest for free”. This of course works out to 1/3 off, if they all cost the same. Our special summer sale will run through the end of August.

Other good news this week – Tone2 is now giving their highly acclaimed Firebird+ vst synth away for free, so if you haven’t checked it out, now you can @ the Tone2 website. And if you’re looking for some fresh new patches for it then hit the webshop and pick up ‘Wireless’ direct from Perimeter for just $9.95 (U.S.) 100 aggressive new sounds, as used in the ‘Experimental Dubstep’ series, and also in ‘Ambient Glitch Vol 4-5-6’.

July 2nd 2013
The long awaited World Tek Volume 3 is out. Another huge collection of flutes, shakuhachis and some bonus extra guitar loop samples from Todd Milne. Live drums & percussion from Lance Roethle, and the usual assortment of synthetic sounds and fx from Jeff Rhodes. If you liked World Tek 1 and 2, and/or the Abstract World Fusion series, then you will want to check this one out right away.

Update : July 12th. World Tek 3 is #1 on the Producer Loops -World- chart. Thanks to everyone who has purchased a copy, and if you haven’t yet, stop by and check out the demos and grab the restriction free try-before-you-buy demo pack.

June 5th 2013
ED5 is released : The latest addition to the acclaimed series is now available – with more bass and even more experimental sounds, this set of kits is fresh out of the audio oven. Experimental Dubstep Volume 5

May 11th 2013
Soundtrack Loops releases Soundspice’s new loop sample collection Supernatural Glitch Hop 2 A fresh collection of futuristic vintage sounding beats, haunting synths, and everything else you loved about the first set. Including some brand new live recorded bass lines from yours truly, and some deep down drum kit beat loops from local expert photographer and drummer, Lance Roethle.

April 29th 2013
Jurassix is released. 100 new patches for Tone 2 Saurus vsti synth. Check it out in the webshop, or Jurassix

March 5th 2013
Soundspice in association with Soundtrack Loops presents – Left-Field IDM Essentials Left-Field IDM Essentials, is coming through hard with intelligent dance music, grimy rhythms, and smart, popping notes. This jam-packed loop library gives you all you need in phat bass lines, tweaked hats, pulsating beats, and moody synths. So get the groove flowing through your creative compositions with these snake-like rhythms and crystallized beats – ALWAYS royalty free.

January 22nd 2013
Jeff Rhodes of Perimeter Sound presents – Experimental Dubstep Volume 4 Get your dub on, at 25% off this brand new release through the end of the month. Do_not_sleep_on_this.

December 19th 2012
Ambient Glitch Vol 4 is reviewed in the January 2K13 issue of the German Keys magazine. Check it out if you have access to it and/or can read German.

November 26th 2012
Check out the cool new ‘Wireless’ Firebird+ synth patch set demo track that was made by SuperNoise – Ice Cream

November 18th 2012
Another brand new loop sample collection from Soundspice is now available exclusively on Soundtrack Loops. This set is more for the downtempo triphop and glitch-hop crowd. It includes some live bass & drum kit loops, as well as plenty of ambient synths, and a few melodic bits and pieces. Check out Supernatural Glitch Hop

November 05th 2012
Soundspice is proud to announce that Dark Speed Vol 1 is available exclusively through the Soundtrack Loops label. Dark Speed is a size XXL collection of loop samples in the drum-n-bass neighborhood. Heavy elements meet high speed beats & percussion in this fresh new collection. Equally at home on the dance floor, or even in a soundtrack, Dark Speed has an undeniable vibe. Check it out for yourself, your ears will thank you.

October 17th 2012
As of today the Experimental Dubstep Bundle Vol 1-3 is available, at a discounted price. Ie = it’s quite a bit cheaper than buying all 3 volumes seperately. Look for ED4 sometime later this year, or early 2K13.

September 26th 2012
We are happy to announce that Ambient Glitch Vol 4 has been released and is available as of right now. Producer Loops expands the series, with the release of the first volume of this 2nd trilogy. More of what you liked in the first 3 volumes, and some fresh new folders/categories too. Don’t sleep on this one.

August 15th 2012
‘Wireless’ for the Tone2 Firebird+ vsti is now available in our webshop. 100 patches for just $9.95 because we can charge less selling direct. If you liked either of the Experimental Dubstep titles I did earlier this year for Producer Loops, or the Ambient Glitch series, then you will want to feed these patches to your Firebird+, then turn the volume down and put a helmet on for safety purposes. Special thanks to – Irion Da Ronin for the demo track.

August 1st 2012
We are excited to let you know that Bio-Mechanic Beats II is free with the DG Bundle through August.

Work continues on more loop sample sets, and, a synth patch collection. More information soon.

July 14th 2012
Nearly all Perimeter products are available in the Peace Love Productions webshop now.

Experimental Dubstep Vol 2 & 3 remain steady in the upper 1/2 of the charts at Producer Loops.

And lastly, work continues not only on ‘World Tek 3’, and the next Experimental Dubstep collection, but also something else I think will be quite interesting to those who liked the Kunundrum series, Bio-Mechanic Beats II, and especially a certain 3 volume series we did for Producer Loops. More information as that project develops, and is nearer to release.

July 5th 2012
Experimental Dubstep Vol 3 has been released. Picking up where Vol 2 left off, with more slow motion dub/dubstep goodness for your new tracks. Be sure to hear the short and rawkin’ mp3 demo, made by Perimeter friend Horatiu-Cristian Petrila who just released his first soundset for the Diva softsynth this week, check it out via our *links* page – scroll down to 3ee.

June 21st 2012
The 2nd Soundspice title – Darc Skreen 2 : Fx & One Shots loop sample collection is released, available now in the Perimeter webshop, and at Producer Loops. Be sure to check out the mp3 demos, and grab the freebee try-before-you-buy pack, and hear what it’s all about.

May 24th 2012
A quick write up about ED2 – Experimental Dubstep Vol 2 review

May 16th 2012
Experimental Dubstep Vol 2 has been released. Jeff Rhodes of Perimeter Sound is very proud to join this new loop sample series. This is the first collection of construction style kits we have ever done, and we hope to continue in this style in the future. Be sure to stop by and check out the mp3 demo, it was made by Perimeter friend Horatiu-Cristian Petrila.

May 1st 2012
Special offer for May 2012
We hope to have news about a new product release very soon. And the first 2012 IDC sale is in the works for this summer, expect that one to be massive.
And lastly for now, the special 2X freebee synth patch set for Zebrasonix will continue to be available @, see below for more information about that.

April 12th 2012
Get an exclusive double-sized Zebrasonix freebee pack over at through the end of April only, and *only* available there. If you like what you hear, then be sure to stop by Producer Loops and check out the Dance Glitch Bundle on sale this month for 20% off the already discounted bundle-price, because Zebrasonix is included 100% free with the DG Bundle through April.

April 2nd 2012
This month Zebrasonix is available free with the purchase of the Dance Glitch Bundle at Producer Loops. Check it out here

March 28th 2012
It’s the last couple of days to get in on the special double sale/freebee deal with World Tek 1 & 2, see the links below in the March 1st news post. We’ll announce a new special deal (on different products) in April, more information once that starts up next Monday.

March 16th 2012
Just a reminder, still 2 weeks and a day to go on the buy World Tek 1 or 2, and get Projektor free deal at Producer Loops. Don’t miss out. The World Tek loop sample collections are also on sale this month, so it’s like a double bonus.

Perimeter friend, contributor, and photographer : Lance Roethle, has made a music video featuring some of his amazing new time lapse footage, for a song off the new Todd Milne/Moksha album. You can view it here – DEEPLY A Short Film

March 1st 2012
We are having a special offer in March at Producer Loops. If you purchase a copy of World tek, or World Tek 2, you get the Zebra Projektor patch set free. Projektor was used in the making of WT2. More info at these links – World Tek and World Tek 2

February 11th 2012
World Tek 2 has climbed to #4 on the -World- chart @ Producer Loops, so thanks to everyone who has purchased a copy. And if you haven’t yet, we invite you to grab the freebee pack and try-before-you-buy, on us, no strings attched, no email sign up needed, just click the WT2 page link in the previous post.

Darc Skreen is also doing pretty good on the -Cinematic- chart, and that title also has a big no strings freebee pack as well. So go check out the mp3 demos and get the freebee pack for Darc Skreen

January 27th 2012
Perimeter Sound is proud to announce the release of World Tek 2 on the Producer Loops netlabel. Featuring even more flutes and live percussion/drums than the original, and the same massive amount of content and variety. There is a freebee pack, 50megs big, for you to try-before-you-buy. So be sure to stop by, check the mp3 demos out, and claim your freebee pack on us.

January 10th 2012
Welcome to the new year, and we hope you had a good holiday break. We are currently working on 2 more loop sample collections for release in the first quarter of 2012. More news here as things progress.

December 12th 2011
Another new demo mp3 has been added to the Dance Glitch bundle product page. The new demo features more hard dance styles, and less glitch. If you are wondering if Dance Glitch can help you get a more modern sound, the answer is yes, it can do that too. Check it out when you get a chance, it’s the middle of the 3 demos posted.

December 6th 2011
The IDC winter sale has ended, but Perimeter Sound is having a 20% off everything sale at Producer Loops from now through December 26th. Darc Skreen is also on sale, so be sure to check those out here Perimeter Sound and here Darc Skreen

November 25th 2011
The IDC winter sales event has begun. Check out all the amazing deals here !

November 21st 2011
A brand new dubstep style demo track featuring only beats & percussion loop samples from the Dance Glitch collections has been posted here and on our *Tracks* page.

November 15th 2011
We are proud to announce that Darc Skreen FX & One Shots on the new Soundspice label has been released. Available now in the webshop, in Acidized .wav, Apple/Garageband .aif, and REX2 .rx2 format.

November 11th 2011
On sale 25% off, from now through Monday the 14th, all individual Tone Sets and Zebra patch collections @ Producer Loops

November 9th 2011
Gearing up for the winter 2011 IDC sales event. You won’t want to miss it. More information as it becomes available, but I can tell you it’s going to be soon, very soon.

October 11th 2011
The Pro Sessions titles : Abstract World Fusion II, Field Of Vision, and Tension Theory, are all available in proper Apple Loops format, thanks to Laszlo Panyigay who added the extra tagging for us. They are available in the webshop, same low price, just more Mac love now.

September 23rd 2011
Zebra Fill – the bundle of all 3 of the Zebra softsynth patch collections released by Perimeter Sound, is available in the webshop now. You get every Zebra and Zebrify patch from all 3 sets, and the price is the same as Zebrasonix and either of the others, so it’s basically just like buy 2, and get 1 free.

And last chance *bump* for the charity auction mentioned in the previous post, it ends on the 30th. So just one week left to get a deal on some software/patches/samples, and help out a good cause.

August 9th 2011
Perimeter has donated a Tone Sets Bundle, and 1 copy each of the 3 Zebra patch collections to a charity auction. More info can be found here charity auction info

August 5th 2011

We have put back the old graphics, as you probably have noticed. Why ? For any number of reasons, they will be used for a new brand name. Making some changes, and we decided that changing Perimeter was unecessary. So those graphics will be used with the new brand here shortly, and I’ll post more info here as things develop. Now back to your regularly scheduled summer (or winter, depending on your global positioning).

July 24th 2011

Projektor hit #1 on the Zebra patch charts at Producer Loops this week. And there is exactly one week left to save 20% on the Dance Glitch Bundle, and get your free copy of Rate Of Motion with it. That’s really a good deal if you have Zebra, so that’s why I’m mentioning it again, 7 days remain, last call so to speak.

Speaking of Zebra, I got the new update with the 2 new Osc FX and have been working on some new patches, so don’t be surprised to see (or better yet hear) a 4th Zebra patch collection from me before the year is over.

Other than that, Darc Skreen FX & One Shots is all but done and ready for your sample looping use and abuse. I’m finishing up some mp3 demos for it, writing the final descriptions, and loading up a phat freebee pack for ya’ll. Expect that one to go *live* no later than September 1st.

July 15th 2011

Added the Ugo demo for ‘Dance Glitch Vol 2’ to the *Tracks* page, just click the tab above to check it out.

July 9th 2011

Added the Bill Davies demo for ‘Dance Glitch Vol 1’ to the *Tracks* page, just click the tab above to check it out.

July 4th 2011

Projektor, our 3rd patch collection for the U-he Zebra 2.5 softsynth is now available, check the webshop for ordering info and details about the set.

June 29th 2011

The new graphics for our loop sample collections are now *live*, thanks again to Mildon of Mildon Studios for all his help with them. Also, we have new lower prices. Click the Webshop link/tab above for more details.

June 25th 2011

Some Perimeter & related tracks have been added to the site. Click on the *Tracks* tab above and have a listen.

June 20th 2011

Today we’re debuting the new Perimeter Sound logo and header. Soon to follow – new loop sample collection graphics. Thanks to Mildon of Mildon Studios for his extensive graphics work in the redesigning of the Perimeter Sound logo, and the new template for the loop sample collections. Mildon is also a vst plug-in developer, and a member of the IDC.

June 19th 2011

Just a quick note to let everyone know that now through the end of July, you get Rate Of Motion included free when you purchase the Dance Glitch Bundle at Producer Loops. There’ll be an official emailing announcement coming next week, but the deal is up and running right now, no waiting and passwords or invites needed. The reason for this special bonus give away is 1) to get people to check out DG of course, and 2) because Rate Of Motion is a cool set of Zebra presets that I made while making the DG loop samples, so they are -related- in that way. Anyways, check it out HERE

June 14th 2011

Gearing up to release our 3rd Zebra 2.5 patch collection soon, codename – Projektor. 118 brand new patches. Expected release date July 1st 2011. Stay tuned for more information.

May 29th 2011

Thanks to everyone who supported the 3rd IDC sale. We’re still working on making the IDC better for our customers, and we hope to be bringing you some year-round savings in the near future.

The 3rd Zebra patch collection is completed, and mp3 demos are being made now. We hope to have it released in July, so stay tuned for that.

The ‘Dance Glitch’ 3 Volume Bundle is doing well, latest ranking is #15 on the *Glitch* chart at Producer Loops. And buying the bundle saves you about 25% or so off the individual price, so it’s a bit of a bargain now (scroll down to the May 14th post for linkage).

And it’s the last couple of days to get a 20%-40% off discount during the multibuy sale on all Perimeter products at Producer Loops. So if you haven’t checked that out yet, now is the time (scroll down to the April 27th post for the shopping link).

May 15th 2011

Somehow it got lost in last week’s news, so much going on lately and all. But Perimeter founder Todd Milne has a new site up with some music, artwork, and a calendar for his live performances. Check out Todd Milne Music

May 14th 2011

The Dance Glitch Vol 1-3 bundle is now available at a discounted price, check it out HERE

May 12th 2011

The IDC sale continues on, as does the multi-buy save 20% – 40% sale at Producer Loops. May is savings month. All the Perimeter REX format titles are now listed in the webshop, and a super discounted bundle featuring our 8 independent releases.

May 8th 2011

The IDC sale is now live !! Hit the linky below for some of the best deals you’ve seen yet this year.

May 6th 2011

All Perimeter titles are now available in REX/Reason/RX2 format, hit the webshop up for some instant diced/chopped/Rex tagged gratification.

The next IDC sales event begins Monday. Yes this coming Monday, May 9th. No need to stand in line though, just check it out after you stagger from bed – IDC

April 29th 2011

Brain Danse Rex version is now available in the webshop ! 🙂

April 28th 2011

It must be the coffee, I’m actually gettin’er done this week. The webshop has been updated to include the Pro Sessions bundle (just $38.99 for all 3 titles!) and the ‘Perimeter Dvd Compilation’ as a download. The dvd comp contains 8 titles for just $85, that’s our best value by far. Check it out in the webshop, link above.

And the other news is that I personally REX’d the rest of Abstract World Fusion (1) yesterday, and bickety bam, now it’s available in the webshop. It will be available on the Producer Loops and Peace Love Productions webshops in a few days as well.

April 27th 2011

It’s like I never sleep or something ha-ha. The big news today is that we are having a multi-buy sale at Producer Loops – here Save from 20%-40% off your entire order !

Also, I’ve updated the *Links* page to show all of the sites you can purchase our products on now. Of course we encourage you to buy direct, since we get a few extra points that way. But we do realize that some folks aren’t Paypal-friendly though and already have accounts with other webshops, so we are making our stuff available all over the place to accomodate those of you. 🙂

April 26th 2011

The first 2011 IDC sales event has an official starting date, and the website is almost ready to go, I peeped it yesterday. Yes, the discounts are crazy, and the variety of products on offer is BIG ! You won’t want to miss it. 🙂

April 24th 2011

Gearing up for the IDC sales event here in May, finishing up that 3rd Zebra patch collection, and actually having a demo made for another synth patch collection that may be released as soon as June 1st. Stay tuned for all the latest information, or at least monthly updates ha-ha. 🙂

April 4th 2011

We are *live*. 🙂

Producer Loops has released ‘Dance Glitch Vol 3’, check it out here

And lastly but certainly not leastly, the Tone Sets bundle has been reduced in price, now you can get all 6 Tone Sets, 768 tones for the Line 6 POD Farm & Gearbox software (and PodXT hardware) for just $19.99 Get that killer new deal here

March 27th 2011

I suppose the news of the day is this new website. Woot ! Go Perimeter etc.

We’ve been busy getting our products listed at various fine webshops around the innernetz for the past several months, and now you can get them at most of your favorite places. See the *Links* page for more info on those sites. We do of course encourage you to consider buying them directly from us though on our Web Shop page. From time to time we will run -Perimeter Exclusives-, discounts/sales which will only be available through us.

The 1st Perimeter Zebra presets collection – ‘Zebrasonix’, was recently reviewed at

Producer Loops is gearing up to release ‘Dance Glitch Vol. 3’, the final installment of the massive collection of dirty glitchy grungy filtered dance beats, synths, sounds, fx, and percussion bits and pieces that we assembled in 2009 and 2010. Look for news on that when it is officially released, and maybe go check out the first 2 volumes now – Dance Glitch Vol 1 and Dance Glitch Vol 2

Other than all that, work continues on a 3rd Zebra softsynth preset collection, and a first ever for Perimeter Sound, an ‘FX’ loop sample collection. A lot of people commented on the ‘Fx’ type material in the Ambient Glitch Vol 1-3 series that we did for Producer Loops, and it was also well received in World Tek as well. So we took some time and made our versions of some of the fx staples, drones, upswooshes, hits, percussions of all kinds, various fx, some looped, some one-shot. It’s going to be the Fx sample collection to get in 2011. Look for both of those exciting new projects to be completed and released sometime around June-August of this year.

And lastly for now, the first IDC sales event of 2011 is rapidly approaching, and you know Perimeter will be there with the latest stuff at great prices. More information about that when it’s up and running for sure. Sometime around May 1st. You heard it here first eh.